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Van_Houck Hard Modding Tutorial

Author: Van_Houck

Today I learned of a method for “hard modding” Grim Dawn without actually doing so. This is a lot simpler than my method, so I wanted to share it here too.

Doing this allows one to play this (or any, actually) mod with main campaign characters, avoiding having to start over or porting them over.

1. Download the mod

Download the mod, extract it, and choose the version you want to play.

2. Go to the database folder

Go to the database folder and rename the *.arz file to database.arz.

3. Go to the resources folder

Go to the resources folder and rename the Maps.arc file to Levels.arc.

4. Copy the .arz file

Copy the .arz file from the database folder, as well as all .arc files from the resources folder, over to the "Grim Dawn/mods" folder. It should look like this (not shown are the eventual expansion and survival folders):


5. Launch the Mod

  • If on Steam, right-click Grim Dawn inside your Library > Properties > Add /basemods to Launch Options
  • If you are using Grim Internals, right-click GrimInternals64 > Create shortcut > right-click GrimInternals64 - Shortcut > Properties > Add /basemods to the end of Target (behind the ")
  • If you are using the GOG version, do the same as above but with the Grim Dawn.exe

Then you are done!